Vehicle Storage

Need a place so store your street car while you are out in the mountains with one of our 4×4’s or perhaps on a motorbike? 


Whatever your circumstances, CACR offers roofed long term parking for both cars and motorbikes to give you the freedom to move around however you choose.

Vehicle Sub-contracting

Have a vehicle that you are not using and want to make some passive income? Sub-contract it to CACR! 

We will rent out your vehicle to interested clients and you will recieve 10% of the profits, without having to do any of the work!

We can even rent out vehicles that are in long-term parking at our facility. 

Vehicle Transport

If you make it to the end of your travels and find you just don’t have the energy to spend another week driving home, CACR can arrange to have your vehicle delivered to your home country, and you can just take the next flight home!


If you are interested in hunting Marco Polo sheep the season goes from August to February in Kyrgyzstan. For permit requirements and other services, please contact us by email.